Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yellowstone Road

The past two weeks I've been recovering from a ten day road trip to middle America. I joined my good friend Daniele and her family in an RV to Salt Lake city, drove through Idaho, and settled in Montana before venturing into YellowStone National park. Yellowstone is probably one of the most beautiful natural things I've come to see. From free roaming wild life, like elk bear and bison, to seeing incredible geysers, it's thrilling to know you're standing on the largest volcanic system in the Northern Hemisphere. After sadly leaving Yellowstone we drove through Idaho (AGAIN) , obviously not one of the most thrilling places to drive through, we settled in Oregon. After a bit of gambling and sleeping on an Indian reservation, we started our trek down good OL California. We stopped in beautiful Santa cruz for some beach time then hit up Carmel ( highly suggested) and finally we clicked our heels three times and we were back in Los Angeles. Till next year Yellowstone till next year

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