Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Many thanks to my ladies at Simone Camille Handbags for my new messenger . LOVE IT ! its perfect for the summer time, yet has amazing earth tones for my fall/winter wear as well !

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Eye Candy

So i have a sad collection of eye candy ... have a lick

Gerard Salla, loving the princess Diana mug 

hottie via Streetfsn

Jamie Burke

James Dean, classic eye candy
Xx Steph

Monday, June 27, 2011

Gypsy Woman

I've known Nicholas Tatone for about twelve years now and he has not only been an amazing friend, he has been an inspirational being ... Here is the start of us working together and i hope to continue this for twelve more years and beyond ..

Xx Steph

Sassy summer

Now that summer has officially arrived, and me being a TOTAL fall & winter girl, there are a few new things that i may want to try to spice up my summer style...
I've never dyed my hair before, and i'm think an awesome maroon wouldn't hurt...give the summer locks a little edge

Binki Sapiro


via StreetFSN
Hair Accessories ! I'm usually going all natural...Wash/CurlCreme/Air Dry... BUT these hair accessories are fun, they add a bit of color & just some spice into the daily routine 
Via DorasFur
I'm a HUGE fan of lingerie, mostly slips... but this layering is genius for the summer time, something light while not feeling like you're wearing underwear

via Olsensanonymous
Over the past four years i've been collecting Vintage Tees and sometimes i can feel a little too masculine.  Trying to layer costume jewelry would be daring with a BAD ASS tee... Masculine/Feminine combo

Hope these inspire you to add something a little to your summer style

Xx Steph 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Erin + Zadig&Voltaire

  I've been a fan of Erin Wasson for many years now, she has been my inspiration in many areas of my wardrobe and over all style ... Her most recent collaborations with Zadig & Voltaire have been incredible

Via The Killing Moon

Simone Camille Handbags

I've been working with Simone Camille, Inc for some time now and the ladies that i work with are all individually inspiring. Simone Harouche, creator of Simone Camille Handbags, had been in the fashion industry as a successful stylist before creating this unique collection. These beauties are all made of antique fabrics collected from across the world.. i hope you love them as much as I do.

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XX Stephanie

Secret Store

Oh how i wish there was a TopShop in Los Angeles... A TopShop secret store, now thats another level of dreaming

Monday, June 20, 2011


Twin Mag
Via Earth Age
This shoot is my dream, Owls, Hawks, you cant go wrong...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My Beautiful new friend Tory has recently decided to cut all her hair off.. i think it's beautifully bold and sexy ...
some other short haired beauties
Natalie Portman, Vanity Fair

Emma Watson, Vogue UK

Twiggy, 1966

Friday, June 10, 2011