Friday, March 9, 2012

Crystal Minded

Can we just take a quick moment to look at how fucking BEAUTIFUL Chanel fall rtw '12 looks… Again, the environment a designer wants to create in their shows really just makes the runway a different experience. It's about taking what they've already created and just allowing it to speak on another level.. And Chanel hasn't failed us.
At first it may seem like a cluster fuck of Karl's mind, but the DETAILS truly make this collection what it's all about.
The Stage.
The Brow by Lesage.
The Velvet.
This show is just incredible.

Cough Pants Cough. 

Can we talk about these pants?  Royal blue Velvet?! Yes Please . 

Hudson Kroenig, still Chanel's little muse

"Nature's the greatest designer"


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