Monday, June 27, 2011

Sassy summer

Now that summer has officially arrived, and me being a TOTAL fall & winter girl, there are a few new things that i may want to try to spice up my summer style...
I've never dyed my hair before, and i'm think an awesome maroon wouldn't hurt...give the summer locks a little edge

Binki Sapiro


via StreetFSN
Hair Accessories ! I'm usually going all natural...Wash/CurlCreme/Air Dry... BUT these hair accessories are fun, they add a bit of color & just some spice into the daily routine 
Via DorasFur
I'm a HUGE fan of lingerie, mostly slips... but this layering is genius for the summer time, something light while not feeling like you're wearing underwear

via Olsensanonymous
Over the past four years i've been collecting Vintage Tees and sometimes i can feel a little too masculine.  Trying to layer costume jewelry would be daring with a BAD ASS tee... Masculine/Feminine combo

Hope these inspire you to add something a little to your summer style

Xx Steph 

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